Mobile School Business Management
Flexible advice and support tailored for your school


Who am I?

With over 20 years of school and Local Authority experience I am a member of the Institute of School Business Leaders (ISBL) and Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD). A former Senior HR Officer for schools and School Business Manager my areas of specialism include HR, Governance and Data Protection.

With the aim of reducing the growing workload of head teachers whilst also providing a money saving service for school budgets I work with schools who cannot afford a full time school business manager but also those who see the benefit of paying for aspects of this role whilst not having to pay the full salary cost and therefore saving valuable money in the budget to spend on the children! 

I have seen the benefits that a 'mobile' SBM can bring to different schools and therefore whether you are a small school or cluster of schools who cannot afford a full time SBM, or your a larger school who are thinking of appointing a SBM - speak to me first and i will let you know how i can help and save you money!

One of the main frustrations that i understand headteachers have is not always being able to access consistent advice which is provided with your specific school and circumstances in mind. When buying into services and contracts with large organisations this can prove extremely difficult and stifling as advice is often not consistent and rarely from the same source. 

There are often issues in areas such as HR where it is imperative that the advice you receive remains consistent and can be tailored to the outcomes that you want to achieve. I believe i am in the unique position to be able to provide such a service and advice.

My local area is Durham, however I currently also work with schools in Darlington, Newcastle, Sunderland and Cumbria.